Report Card and Portfolio Information

Grades TK-5 Reporting Information

Students in grades TK-5 are graded on a standards-based rubric, specific to each grade level. These students will receive a report card each trimester.

Students receive grades on a scale of 1-4 for each standard in English-language arts and math. They receive one grade for each course on the same scale for science, social studies, and PE. Students are also graded on their overall success as a learner. This section covers standards such as “follows oral directions” and “communicates needs and feelings.”

Letter of Explanation: Grade TK-5 Grading Scale

Parent Guide: Common Core-Aligned Rubrics Report Card

Grades TK-5 Rubrics

Grades 6-8 Reporting Information

Mid-semester progress reports and end-of-semester report cards will be completed for each student in grades 6-8.

Students in grades 6-8 receive one grade on the A-F scale for each of the six learning areas/courses on each report: English-language arts, math, science, history-social studies, PE, and elective.

Letter of Explanation: Grade 6-8 Grading Scale


Portfolio Information

  • Portfolio samples are collected each semester. Your EA will collect two samples each semester from each of the six Learning Areas (Language arts, math, science, social studies, PE, and elective).
  • Samples must be original and must reflect the student’s work.
  • Portfolio samples may not contain religious content, nor can they be pages from a religious publisher.

Portfolio Photo Form – Great for PE and elective samples or hands-on projects.  (Updated 9/16/16)

Portfolio Guidelines (created by two of our SPA education advisors)

Portfolio Tips and Guidelines #1

Portfolio Tips and Guidelines #2