Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Suncoast Prep Academy(SPA) Mission

SPA programs are dedicated to creating K-12 learning opportunities that are accessible, challenging, and relevant to a diverse population of students. SPA provides an innovative 21st century learning environment through comprehensive programs of academic and technical study. Programs feature a unique combination of independent study with resource center and online support, designed to prepare students for college and careers.

SPA Vision

At SPA, we strongly believe that all students are unique and capable learners, who through positive educational experiences, can reach their maximum potential and become successful global citizens.

SPA Home School Program Vision

SPA Home School believes in supporting students and their parents in an engaging, individualized, and challenging learning environment.

Core Values

Innovation | Opportunity | Achievement | Collaboration | Flexibility

The SPA school-wide learner expectations are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain relevant to the SPA mission, and that they are reflective of the qualities and achievements that SPA students develop throughout the duration of their affiliation with the school.


Productive and Self-Directed Learners

Responsible and Ethical Citizens

Independent Thinkers

Decision Makers and Problem Solvers

Effective Communicators