The Best of Both Worlds

The Independent Study program provides engaging and interactive, online and onsite classes for sixth through 12th graders at no cost. The traditional school environment doesn’t work for everyone. This blended program gives students—no matter where they are on the learning spectrum—the tools and support to really thrive.

Rather than handing students a packet and having them complete the courses autonomously, like most online schools, students at SPA are given plenty of in-person time with teachers, to ensure they have a firm grasp of the material they study online. Students enjoy self-paced, self-guided learning in a drama-free environment. Students and parents work together to set their schedules, in order to best accommodate personal obligations.

Onsite classes give students a more personal experience with teachers and peers, through small class sizes and small group tutorials. Students learn to work together and help each other by forming a small community of diverse learners with similar educational goals. Students also attend field trips based on their area of study.

Online courses allow students to study when and where they feel most comfortable. By giving students some educational freedom, they learn how to be capable, caring, and confident individuals in a modern, technology-driven world. They also learn how to effectively communicate, and take responsibility for their learning— all of which are invaluable skills for college and career.

Courses align with Common Core standards, and are designed to meet the California Content Standards for public schools. Our credentialed teachers are specially trained to provide high-quality instruction, both onsite and online.

James Gianelli, Program Lead


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